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Buyers have more options and greater access to data than ever before. Quick, surface-level pricing analyses are high-risk. In today's competitive markets, it takes patience, focus, and expertise to position a property to achieve optimal results.

Our meticulously designed, detailed marketing and listing packages have the intent to make an impression and impact, not just show. Each property receives the same attentive care and high level of quality that goes above and beyond industry standards. 

We know having the ability to listen and work closely with clients is essential to building trust and establishing successful, long-term relationships. Providing hands-on, custom-tailored services to each client's unique needs is central to all projects.


The Hoffman Team including Jim, Chris and Dana are the reason my family was able to move into our dream home. Without them or with any other team this would not have been possible. Throughout our purchase we experienced our closing date being cancelled twice (by the seller), a seller who filed bankruptcy mid transaction, a seller who was not even in the same state, or prepared the house by the day of closing, and even a global pandemic (Covid 19). Not only did the team explain and keep me aware of what is going on, but also explained what each of their next steps was going to be to keep me reassured, aware and calm the entire time. Because of their knowledge and skill we were able to purchase our home for 20K below asking price, which was already recently reduced by 30k. We soon learned that the sellers then regretted accepting our offer and decided they would do everything they could to have us pull our of the contract. Knowing we wanted this home for our family and our future the Hoffman team made sure that everything we did was professional, on time, and done properly. I am fully confident that there is no other team that could have made this happen for us with all of the challenges and hurdles that they had to overcome. As well during this unprecedented time of a Global Pandemic and with the market and mortgage rates changing by the day Dana took on the challenge of selling our old house. Not only did she prepare it perfectly for pictures, but also held virtual open houses as the country was shut down and in quarantine. Because of Dana's knowledge and ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technology we were able to sell our old house in 3 weeks, and for our asking price as well. If your thinking about buying or selling a new house, the Hoffman Team will give you the knowledge, skill, and ability to make your dreams become reality.

Chris T - Orchard Park

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With different strengths and roles in the real estate process, My team and I offer a truly cohesive, thorough approach to managing your needs. We provide you with quality, comprehensive services no other single agent can provide. Our commitment is to provide the very best service found in the marketplace; by staying in contact by email or phone, keeping track of all transaction documents, and making sure all parties are performing their respective tasks. We assure our clients of a complete and successful customer service package.