A Fantastic Northtowns Community with a Suburban Atmosphere

The Town of Clarence was formally established in 1808 and is the oldest township in Erie County, New York. Known for its wide-open spaces and historical character, Clarence boasts over 10 parks encompassing 516 acres. The parks provide several activities for all ages - soccer, baseball, football, pickleball, and ice skating.

If you like to get out and explore, Clarence has developed an integrated network of bike trails. The West Shore and Peanut Line Trails boasts 18 miles of asphalt trail that winds through wooded landscapes, rolling countryside, town parks as well as historic destinations such as the Landow Log Cabin.  Along the West Shore Trail, make a brief stop at the Clarence Hallow Farmer's Market to sample the local produce and homemade baked goods.

Clarence's seasonal celebrations include Hollowfest and the Great Pumpkin Farm provide activities for all ages throughout the year.  Spend a leisurely day exploring Clarence Hollow's historic buildings, antique shops and restaurants.

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